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December 13th, 2007

a simple request...

could the GM please expand invite permissions to the lower ranks? i frequently (well, two or 3 times in the two periods of time ive been logged on) get tells asking for an invite, and often there's no officer on to invite them.
i dont think its too much to ask, as the people requesting invites are from the lj community.

you can delete this post later if you wish, i just dont know who's who on here, really.

December 6th, 2007

VERBATIM- a short film


my project for film class

October 25th, 2007

Life on Azgalor

The server I play on has been around since launch, I believe.. My boyfriend has been playing on it since he started wow (after he re-rolled horde). Azgalor is probably what you'd call "rough around the edges"..
sorry for a short rant..Collapse )

SOO.. if any other hordies on azgalor wanna group up and grind, instance, quest, join my guild, whatever, just hit me up.

October 10th, 2007

(no subject)

Hey, im kinda new to the community :)
I've got a 68 tauren druid on Azgalor, who is 200 tickets from getting her beer ram mount and thats why im not 69 yet. I never experienced real 60s content because my char was lv 30 when BC came out (fortunately ill be 70 by WotLK).. but anyway.. then i have a bunch of other alts that arent past 20. but ill get there!

October 5th, 2007

how i spend my time

In psych, we have an assignment to track how we spend our time each day for a week. we gotta track in half hour increments, then we write a short paper on why we spend our time doing two activities (can be top two, bottom two, whatever)

im realizing i spend a lot of time by myself, on the internet.

and i guess it goes back to the friends thing.. i have approximately 4 real friends... about 6 or 7 others that i see around occasionally... and i guess i could call people more.. my close friends call me sometimes. lauren used to be really bad about not answering her phone and not calling people back, because EVERYONE always wanted to talk/hang out with her... but thats changed since she/we all lost a large portion of our circle of friends.. which is good and bad in a way.

more on the making new friends thing... i REALLY REALLY want a girlfriend. Im kinda shy sometimes, and really dont know how to approach a girl. they usually come on to me.. but now that im not in high school it seems like its harder to meet people. which seems kinda weird. but i havent had a "girlfriend" since kyrsten (and really, ive never had a girlfriend girlfriend).. i do miss kyrsten..
what happened with her.. she was a compulsive liar. a story teller. she told us (my friends and i) she felt inadequate, like she had to impress us.. I could tell from when i was first meeting her, and i dealt with it, because for the most part i could tell what were stories and what were real. Everyone else figured it out much later, after they caught her a few times.. and so they confronted her about it, told her she had to change.. or else.. or else theyd kick her out of our circle i guess.. which is what they did. I confronted her, too, but i think i was much more lenient. i gave her more time. but she still didnt change. i thought i could tell when she was making something up, but i ended up not being able to believe anything she said! that was hard, and i ended up distancing myself from her.
before that was krista... i really dont know what happened between us. the time between when we were best friends to when i barely ever got to talk to her seems really blurred. i think it was after she stopped smoking pot. .. pot can ruin a lot of friendships sometimes. when youve been friends with someone a while and you start smoking, you start hanging out with different people sometimes, and they see you differently. when you smoke and then become friends with someone who doesnt, sometimes they start... sometimes old friends who were "innocent" want to try it, too. which is wierd. ive popped 5 or 6 peoples "pot cherries".. and turned two girls bi, lol..

back to the girlfriend thing. i dont know how garrett would react if i started dating a girl, too. when we first started dating, he seemed fine with that fact that i was bi. now, he makes fun of bisexuals in general. I think he got jaded when he saw this picture (NSFW)on macrochan. which is totally unfair, cause im bi. lol.. buttt. theres stacey, who ive been friends with for a long time, and i get to see more now cause shes dating cory (whos garretts bff).. lisa told me once stacey was bi-curious, so theres hope, i guess. or theres kyrsten. whom im willing to try to reignite some sort of friendship, possibly. blahhhhhhhh.


this is what the ..is love generator randomly picked out for me.....

macintosh is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

i was excited.. then i realized it picks from your interests... oh well!

(no subject)

So i was at garretts after class last night, playing halo3, which i suck hardcore at on normal. So hes giving me tips what guns to use, how to kill stuff.. which is mostly fine and dandy till he tries to give me directions where to go. I cant tell left from right without stopping to think about it. I suck at video game maps, and game environment orienteering in general. So hed get mad at me for going the wrong way, or Id die trying to do something and get frustrated, and then wed start arguing, and hed make fun of me, and one of us would tell the other to shut up a million times.
erich was over for a little while we were arguing, and he was telling us to shut up, and chill out.

this isnt the first argument weve had or anything. apparently i have a problem with hitting him when im mad at him. which i guess is bad, but when im angry, i have a lot of physical energy built up, and i need to hit something or throw something or scream. It wouldnt even have to be directed towards who im mad at, i just need to release the energy ive got built up, and it usually just goes to whatever im focusing on. and so alot of times whatevers in my hand gets thrown, or almost thrown (if its too valuable) and i need to learn to redirect that energy.
I wish video games worked for that, but i pretty much suck at shooters, and wow isnt physical enough to release my energy on.

one thing i notice though, is we tend to get into fights when hes not high. not ALL the time hes not high, but i notice that he isnt when we fight. sometimes i am, sometimes im not. bleh. which is stupid that its like that.

October 4th, 2007

(no subject)

So, I wanted a journal pretty much noone would read.
I already have a blog, and noone reads that, but thats because I dont post very often.
And so, I come back to LJ.
I had a journal here once, but all i posted were quiz results and stuff.

so heres the jist of me right now, i guess.

New job at party tree, for about a month now. super compared to taco bell.
Garrett got a job at linens N things, also super compared to TB.
We were gonna sell the house, and get a condo down the road, but my mom couldnt really find any she liked for a decent price, so were taking the house off the market.
My moms apparently getting a red mustang tomorrow.
Im going to school at lincoln land community college, and i was in the graphic design program, but i wanna either do photography, astronomy, or film now.
I play wow. Ive got a 68 (almost there!) tauren druid on azgalor.

Im at an in-between point as far as my friends go right now. A couple are still in high school, most have stayed in town, and a few are at other colleges. I've met 0 people through school (well, one-ish) except for a couple people I already knew that i have a class with.

Lauren lost a bunch of friends because of something I didnt really care about, so Im still friends with her, but a lot of her old friends hate her (namely those from SHG, and a lot of them suck anyway) and I honestly dont know what the deal was. I think it *might* have been when chris *thought* he saw her walking out of a gas station w/ a pregnancy test, and everyone exploded, and those of us who has sense knew a) you cant get a pregnancy test from a gas station and b) she def wasnt pregnant. or, it was when she started dating chad, who erich and I have been friends with for a long time, and everyone seems to hate him. Which i think is because steve liked lauren.

ohh, silly love triangles. :///

Garretts probably gonna move out of his parent's house somewhat soon, and get an apartment with some people. funny thing is, its probably gonna be him, cory and ryan. and their girlfriends (in order) are me stacey, and brei. and were all friends. and its gonna be all of us except brei playing wow in the same room, and brei complaining that were doing it. So it'd be really cheap, rent and bills split 6 ways.
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